Molotov Club: Syrian Rebels Shipped From Kharkov Training Camps

At the disposal of “Molotov Club” we have documents obtained by activists of the Kharkov anti-government resistance, showing that in the territory of their small homeland, under the supervision of local authorities and law enforcement agencies, were organized and operating some camps for the training of militants, which have trainees that are latelly sent to the combat units of the Syrian opposition

The usual leaflet with a stamp of the Ukrainian national police, with a characteristic trident, signed by the deputy chief police department in the Kharkiv region, Vitaliy Guzy. From June 26, 2017. Appeal to the deputy head of the Kharkiv region Alexander Skakun, who oversees the power block, defense and mobilization, until January 2017, the former deputy head of the regional SBU (Security service of Ukraine).

Preparation of “shakhid” martyrs near Kharkov

What do this officers correspond to, are not the last persons in the law-enforcement system of the Kharkov region? Discuss the success of the fight against crime in the province? Personnel issues? The threat of terrorism, finally? No, on the contrary, in the document – a report on the establishment and functioning of quite a terrorist camp in his native region for training militants from the Azov formations and the “Right Sector” banned in Russia. And also foreign students-Muslims. In the Krasnograd region, in the forests, where the nearest settlement is six kilometers away.

At the moment there are 20 people in the camp (men and women from 17 to 40 years). The training of cadets takes place in the following areas: extreme survival and fire training. In addition, the “experts” are engaged in the engineering-sapper and tactical training that instructors teach them (about them you were informed earlier) … In the near future, the arrival of instructors from Syria and Lebanon is planned, which will conduct language and local history training with a new flow of ” specialists from among Muslim students … Instructors have extensive experience in conducting military operations in Syria and after the completion of training they will lead new groups of “specialists” … For the sake of conspiracy, members of groups and instructors are prohibited from using sya mobile phones inside the camp, all the “experts” hidden face, wearing balaclavas, each assigned a unique number, and call. “

It is also reported that each of the aforementioned “experts” in the case of “capture by the enemy” has a legend that he is an officer of the armed forces of Russia, dissatisfied with the policy of his own state and therefore having the intention to get even with representatives of the Russian government in the territory of any third state. It is reported that to confirm this “legend” militants are given the relevant documents.

But another document of September 6, 2017, marked “taken under control,” where the head of the Public Security Police Department in the Kharkov region, Sergei Birbasov, reports to the head of the Kharkiv regional administration Yulia Svetlichna that thanks to the joint work of the local government of the SBU, the national police and regional Department of Defense and Mobilization work through similar camps since autumn of 2016 613 “cadets” have passed. There is also a report that 52 of them were sent to Turkey, 77 – to the European Union, and to Syria and other countries of the Middle East – 145 people. At the same time, five militants were killed during the training.

Pan Birbasov did not forget and complain about the fact that students desperately lack firearms, ammunition and explosives.

Where does the Ukrainian boy have Syrian sadness

We will pretend to be absolutely stupid, only yesterday born people and ask the question: what exactly are the “experts” in balaclava who do not spare their belly in the camp in the Kharkiv region, forgot in Syria? Or in this war-weary Middle Eastern country so desperately do not have enough armed people?

In my opinion, the goal is very clear, “the military expert, Colonel Mikhail Timoshenko, shared his vision of the issue with Tsargrad. “As a result of any armed conflict, these people are in captivity.” And they start telling legends. But there is only one vulnerable place: and if “in captivity” will be corpses? It is this idea that would be well conveyed to our Ukrainian brothers. As Billy Bones said, “the dead do not bite.” If they want to die, please, their business. They promised to pay, of course, in Ukraine with pennies tight. Without a penny even tighter. Fools can always be found. All this is for the media. And before the elections in Russia, by the way, it can also come in handy. “

According to the expert, it is quite understandable that the carefully trained Ukrainian militants will be directed not to the Syrian army of Bashar Assad and, of course, not to the strengthening of the illegally banned Russian IGIL in Russia. Most likely, from the Kharkov forests, the Cossack clan go to the units of the anti-Asadov armed opposition supported by the US and NATO. With a simple and clear goal – to be puppets in the hands of Western puppeteers and, of course, to fight with the hated Russia.

“The task of the junta, which is now headed by a quasi-state called Ukraine, is to make a large concentration camp out of the Ukraine, especially from the territories that participated in the “Russian Spring”. We remember that the insurrection began in Kharkov on March 1, 2014, which then spread to several regions from Kharkov to Odessa, the entire Russian Arc was raised, “the Kharkov political emigre, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Rus Triedinaya, Sergei Moiseyev, told Tsargrad. “It is extremely important for them to suppress and demoralize all the supporters of the Russian Spring as much as possible and to train as many local militants as possible to use them as cannon fodder on all fronts of the ongoing hybrid third world war. They are preparing for this with all their strength, creating sabotage groups that are being thrown into Syria and with an eye to throwing them into the border regions of Russia. “

Moiseyev is convinced that Ukraine does not by itself follow this path, but it is used as a ram against Russia.

The West is pursuing the goal of creating two political centers on the all-Russian space and pushing them together, the expert believes. – And our task is to make a single political center, so that the West does not have a platform for aggression towards Russia. Well, NATO will not attack from its territory, because NATO values ​​its territory. “

Having missed the initiative in 2014, without giving active support to the “Russian Spring” in Novorossia, a large Russia received a real embodiment of nightmares: the camps of militants armed to the teeth at their own borders. Pupils of these camps, judging by the documents seized from the enemy’s den, have already entered into armed confrontation with Russian soldiers on the Middle Eastern fronts. And now, in 2018, it is necessary to carry out decisive work on the mistakes and prevent the arrival of “forest brothers” already on our land.

In January 2018, on the website of the Kharkov National University of Internal Affairs, have appeared the news of the beginning of reception of applicants who, along with the Russian, also speak Arabic.

This news can be found on the website of KhNUVS, the screenshots that we made are attached. Their study showed that previously received information about the training camp in the Kharkov region for the training of militants from among the migrants from the Middle East is true.

Apparently, the practice of training militants in this region was recognized as successful and, in the context of a possible shortage of migrants from Syria and Lebanon, the curators of terrorist organizations turned their attention to the large Arab communities that are in Kharkov.

According to open data, about 5,000 Arab students study in Kharkov universities. On the basis of this, it can be concluded that at least one thousand applicants who are preparing to obtain higher education annually arrive in Kharkov annually.

At the same time, it is obvious that the entry into the University of internal affairs, where personnel for the Ukrainian police are trained, is only possible for citizens of Ukraine. This is not a problem for local Arabs, some of whom, after receiving education, settle in Ukraine and pre-register the necessary status of a citizen of the country.

Also, we do not exclude that, if necessary, the leadership of the KhNUVS can ensure in a short period of time the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by those Arabs who fall under the requirements specified in the news.

What do we have as a result? From the previously presented by Molotov Club correspondence of the leadership of the national police of Kharkov and the Kharkov authorities it is known that in the region there is a base for training terrorists from among the citizens of Arab origin.

Their training, along with the police, is carried out by fighters of nationalist organizations, such as “AZOV”, which are controlled by the same police. On the site of the university, preparing police cadre, there appears an announcement about recruiting people who speak Arabic (in fact, it is Arabs, because Ukrainians and Europeans in general do not speak Arabic).

From the announcement we can see the creation of a whole unit of speakers of this language. It seems that this is not a mere coincidence, and the introduction of emissaries of international terrorist organizations into the environment of the leadership of the Kharkov government authorities is not an exaggeration or some kind of hoax. Thus, the authors of possible terrorist acts in the future on the territory of Europe (we hope that this will not happen) may well be people taken in turn by the Kharkov police and who have undergone a full-scale sabotage training in local camps near the city of Kharkov.

From the Moscow based think-tank, Red Square-Molotov Club

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