Charlottesville Agitator Called For Violence at NYC Student Debate

Charlottesville Agitator Called For Violence at NYC Student Debate
“We are not surprised that people have died in Charlottesville. Invictus remarks at our student debate seemed to be fixated on guns, killing and violence,” said Dylan Namm.
On July 8th, the socialist youth organization called Students & Youth for a New America ( held a debate called “The Revolutionary Left vs. The Revolutionary Right.”
Representing the right-wing was Augustus Sol Invictus, a former Libertarian Senate Candidate from Florida. According to his own social media accounts, Augustus Sol Invictus was one of the primary organizers of the “Unite The Right” protests in Charlottesville that resulted in mass injuries and death on August 12th.
“He had very few original political ideas, his talk about violence and killing however was much more animated,” said Dylan Namm, a 19 year old student organizer from Pennsylvania.
While Invictus opponent, journalist Caleb Maupin ( put forward a number of rational policy proposals and articulated a left-wing ideological position, Invictus often fell back on angry racially loaded statements like “We don’t have to be ashamed to be white.”
In his closing remarks Invictus proclaimed “You take up your banner, you take a gun and you start shooting. That’s politics.” (
The entire debate is now available online, and the student organizers are available for interviews about it.
Joe Gale remarked “we support the right to bear arms and self defense, but genuine revolutionaries are opposed to adventurist acts of terrorism and violence. We favor the organizing a broad, popular coalition of democratic forces in order to win justice and defeat the forces of greed. We would prefer peaceful, democratic change.”
Amy Brozovich said: “”Why did he keep talking about rifles?”
Dakotah Lilly remarked “people say that the far left and the far right are the same, but this is wrong. Invictus clearly demonstrated that.”
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