Current Events of the Revolution-Part 1

We are to blame hundreds and hundreds of deaths every week. Main stream media outlets ignore it. The United States government covers it up. We kill more civilians then most terrorist organizations do in their entire existence. “We” is the government. “We” are those that do nothing to combat the crimes of the government. “We” are all those that support racism, islamophobia, misogyny, and homophobia. The government needs to be realized as a terrorist organization of its own.

The United States government needs to be acknowledged as a source of war and violence throughout the world. Funded by wealthy corporations and capitalists share holders, the political and economic system is in their pockets. This must change. Capitalism MUST be removed. Not edited, not revised. Removed and replaced. It must be replaced with an economic system that works for the people. For the working class. It must be a system that denies racism, misogyny, islamophobia and xenophobia. It must be system that is international and adopted by every country. It must be a system that serves everyone equally. It’s called communism. It must be created as a New America. It must be created by the working class. For the working class. It will happen. It’s the only solution that works. Eventually the mass of Americans will be educated enough to make the decision. The decision to support a New America. The decision to make an equal America. The decision to grow as a nation, as a world, and as human beings. Vive Le revolución.
-Dyln Namm, Students & Youth for a New America

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