Dakotah Lilly Debates Tucker Carlson

Dakotah Lilly, a leader of Students & Youth for a New America in New York City, defended Venezuela on a national US TV news broadcast.

Appearing with Tucker Carlson, on a nightly program with 3 to 4 million viewers across the USA, Lilly called out the FOX news host for his blatant distortions of the harsh situation facing the Bolivarian Socialist Republic.

Lilly pointed out that Venezuela is facing a wave of terrorism and food hoarding, and that while everyone acknowledges that reforms are desperately needed, neoliberalism is not the answer.

The hostile host did his best to insult him, but Lilly stood strong, and calmly stated the reality of the situation. Carlson became somewhat flustered, as the 19-year-old student rattled off facts about the Carter Center and the legitimacy of the Venezuelan elections, countering Tucker’s broad generalizations and deceptions.

During his response to Dakotah, Tucker Carlson falsely stated that only the government in Venezuela is armed. In reality, private gun ownership is widespread across Venezuela. In order to combat the wave of US backed terrorism, private citizens are being organized into Bolivarian Militias and provided with firearms to protect their communities.

With this move, the Venezuelan government is demonstrating that it is not afraid of arming the working class. To defend popular power and democracy, Bolivarian revolutionaries are taking measures similar to those employed by the founding fathers of the United States and Abraham Lincoln, in order to repel attacks from the forces of terrorism and backwardness.

Dakotah Lilly Debates Tucker Carlson- Youtube

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