United States Health Care Ranked Worst in Developed World

The United States Health Care has been ranked yet again as one of the worst in the world compared to other technologically advanced countries. This is as alarming as it is depressingly sad. The United States spends more money on health care than any other country and yet is ranked 11th in the world. 11th. According to The Lancet, the United States spends about $9,237 per person on health care.The United Kingdom came in first in this study, and yet they only spend $3,749 per person on health care. Switzerland, which came in second spends the second most at $7,832, still a massive decrease from the United States.

Overall these studies look at different categories, including accessibility to doctors and health care, cost of health care per individual, and coverage on health care insurances. The United States ranks 12th in the world for life expectancy, and is ranked 28th for infant mortality rate. These are despicable numbers for a country that spends three times, four times, ten times what other countries spend. Many wonder how our health care can be so terrible if we spend so much money.

The answer is simple, capitalism in its very nature destroys our health care system. Large businesses and corporations raise their prices, causing insurances to pay more, who in turn, charge ridiculously high amount to the individuals, and by extension the government. The system itself is flawed in the extreme. It has to change. It must change. Millions of people die every year because they do not have adequate health care, they either can’t afford it, or the health care they have is not enough. Nationalizing health care is the only option that will work. It is the only choice we have to start rebuilding our health care infrastructure. This is our salvation, this, is our future.

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