Students & Youth for a New America hand out flyers in New York City

On April 8th, 2017 in Union Square SYNA activists Caleb Maupin, Dakotah Lilly, Dyln Namm and Nick Maniace were hard at work handing out flyers, talking to New Yorkers about Syria, the United States government, and politics in general, selling the book “What’s next for the Political Revolution”, and otherwise recruiting members for SYNA. Hundreds of flyers were given out and the overall consensus of the public varied from saying the United States of America needs to keep its military out of foreign countries affairs, to fully supporting the United States and its foreign policy. Overall the day was a huge success for the Students and Youth for a New America as we made many contacts from nearby colleges and other interested individuals. The usual interactions lasted about 5-10 minutes each, and were extremely productive in spreading information about Syria and the United States involvement, namely their aggression in the matter. All of this however, is moot without the continued opposition of the American government and their military actions.   Please remember the atrocities just recently committed in Syria, the children that are now dead, the families that have been torn apart. It is our responsibility as American citizens to speak out against our government when they are wrong. And they ARE wrong. Very wrong. Thank you for your continued support.

-Dyln Namm, SYNA

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